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Thank you to have come here, but I realize that I am not a doctor and who it would be dangerous to advise you anything.

On the other hand, sun lotion side, do not hesitate to invest in a news with each departure on holiday in the sunny countries. It should be known that the period of validity of a cream does not exceed the 6 months. And it is your health which depends on it.
If in spite of this last precaution, and if you neglected to give the cream to the exit of the bath, it remains to you Biafine. This cream is essential on holiday and it is very effective against the burns. On the other hand, it is not a miracle cure and it is always preferable to prevent to only cure.

Another excellent cream after sun or quite simply hydrating is Dexeryl of the laboratories Pierre Fabre. Largely as effective as of much more expensive and advised by dermatos.

Without giving name, do not forget a drug against the diarrhoeas. Ca can always be useful.
And paradoxically, if that does not come, to eat fruits.

Aspirin is not welcome in the areas where there are risks of dengues.

Paludism and Dengue:
The diseases whose vector is the mosquito such as the paludism and the fever of dengue are present in the endemic country of way. Preventive measures can be taken: use of cutaneous repulsive products and mosquito nets, proscription of accumulations of water in the residence. Concerning more particularly the fever of dengue, it should be known that in wet season (June at November), one counts several thousands of case each year, of which some appear mortals. No zone of the country is saved and there is not vaccine. This disease, whose symptoms are connected with the syndrome grippal (fever, aches, headaches), must be treated exclusively by paracetamol. The use of aspirin is to be proscribed . The incubation period of the disease being approximately eight days, it is advised to announce to its doctor any stay, even in short, in Dominican Republic when symptoms close to those of the influenza appear.
To see the councils of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs - the Councils to the travellers


My derniere first-aid kit (do not pay attention to the quantity, I have small a alergie and as I left for 15 days at sea to traverse islands with medical quality ' légèrement' lower than our, I tried to envisage to the maximum)

- paracetamol or of the aspirin, in the event of pain or of fever;
- antibiotics with broad spectrum, for example of the clamoxil, to take at least a week lasting in the event of fever or of infection (on a boat, it is very difficult to make heal wounds and that can be useful. Disinfect fréquement for precisely avoiding the infections). For example: Orelox;
- anti-diarrheal and one réhydratant, for example Immodium, Ercefuril or Panfurex, Arestal (in the event of diarrhoeas aïgues of the adult);
- against nauseas, vomiting and feelings of distensions: MotiLyo;
- against the evil of belly: spasfonLyoc for example;
- an antihistamine in the event of allergy, of punctures of mosquito or cold. For example aerius;
- one disinfecting healing like bétadine;
- biafine to look after the burns, whether they are sunstrokes or others;
- tablets to sterilize water (not to forget to let act the product before drinking). For example: AquaTabs çp/l at least 30 minutes before ingestion;

In more and according to the people:
- a colire for the eyes. For example: NAABAK;
- something against the otitises if you are sensitive,..

But the most significant council: to consult your doctor before leaving. It is still him which will be ready to advise the best drugs according to the situation and of the place or you will go.


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Post le 2010-08-16
Don't translate this - it is incomprehensible in English. Stick to French speakers, or have a native speaker (not a translation program) translate it for you. You have put in a lot of is a shame to have it made nonsense!
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