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24H Rollers 2005

July 2 & 3

< official site of the 24h of Mans rollers: >

Letter open to "the Rollers Tribe" concerning the respect of the payment and the respect of the others:

As it is not possible to contact you by mall, here small blows of mouth to express my dissatisfaction.

Madam, Sir,

I thank you for the system for timing. Every year the improvement of the system is noticed. And this year, there is nothing to say. More bump, more carpet, it was perfect.

On the other hand, I am scandalized by the lack of respect of the payment and the respect of the others quite simply. The attitude of certain runners and teams dégoutés me. Indeed, for the passage of relai, I saw on several occasions of the runners of very good level crossing the track, for good to place itself, without looking at if somebody came. And obviously, the accident arrived. A runner in race end was made cut the road, under my yeurx, without least the remord and crashed to pieces the arm and at least a knee by ground, without any excuse of the runner which left like its very close team which with all considering. As much their attitude was not beautiful to see, as much the runner with ground was not beautiful to see either. I am sorry for him because the race has arrèter at this second for him, whereas it had not done anything. And after, one intends oneself to say that there A were many falls this year.
There should be penalties for kind of attitude. And especially that those and those which must make respect the payment makes it!

By hoping that the next year, you are more vigilant,

Sincerely yours

Frederic Thepaut





One liked, one starts again... third once


On the other hand, we make only one team, to be more powerful!!!!


Last news: the results are already available


Place Number Equip Outdistance Speed Nb. Turns Time
1 575 LEVALLOIS SPORTING CLUB ROLLER 1 848.54 35.27 203 24:03:27.15
2 25 SKF 1 831.82 34.58 199 24:03:28.49
269 475 NORMAL' ROLLS 543.40 22.47 130 24:11:18.74
270 223 THE INSANE ONES OF THE TRAVELLING ONE 543.40 22.46 130 24:11:18.74
271 411 ROLL' AIR MOUSS' OH 2 543.40 22.44 130 24:12:49.20
272 516 OTARIES IN FURY 543.40 22.44 130 24:12:56.63



24 hours of rollers not-stop, by team and in relai.


Forecasts weather (yahoo weather) for the town of Mans

Forecasts of Friday, therefore it is good sign:)


Nuages épars
Scattered clouds
Shone upon
Shone upon
Nuages épars
Scattered clouds
Max. 25
Min. 16
Max. 30
Min. 12
Max. 24
Min. 11
Max. 24
Min. 10

One cannot say that the weather was mistaken. But Friday evening, with the black sky that there was, one it would ever have believed it!

Finally, Saturday was one day sunny and Sunday one day hot.

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