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Rando Rollers


- On the ' way verte' of Mason in Cluny -


Inhabitant has Paris, we made the one Weekend choice roller without car, on the green lane in Burgundy, while spending the night of Saturday evening has Cluny.



Saturday 14h, departure of Paris centers, roller with the feet, direction parks of Lyon.
Arrival has Mason-Loach-TGV has 16h07 after 1h37 of voyage.
After having the quay level of the barrier of the carpark spans (it is not envisaged to leave differently this station than in the car!),
Charnay direction the mason to join the green lane via the road (1.5km).
On right-hand side after the descent of the carpark, to cross the bridge to the top of N78, the green lane is on the left after the 2nd round not.


16H30: no the panic, it does not miss that bitumen 500m!




De Charnay the mason has Cluny
Park of Charnay-Condemine, beginning of the motorway with roller with a super very smooth coating while remaining adhering.
Cluny direction via the tunnel of clear wood: 20km.


The course is undulating and very pretty. The straight lines are generally false dishes rising.






There are some small raidillons very short which cuts Net the dash. And attention when it is wet, between the slope and the presence of ground, braking is carément ineffective. With 5 wheels, feet transversely, that still slipped!!!

 IMG_7075.JPG  IMG_7076.JPG  IMG_7077.JPG  IMG_7078.JPG  IMG_7079.JPG

Small pause supply

 IMG_7080.JPG  IMG_7081.JPG  IMG_7082.JPG  IMG_7087.JPG  IMG_7207..JPG  IMG_7091.JPG

The entry of the tunnel is idyllic, but surprised A the interior!


Yes the ground is well out of ground! admittedly, normally it perfectly smooth and is adapted to the wheels of the roller, but it there has water infiltrations, which returns slipping it, and generates difficult passages.


Think of your bearings and attention, your rollers does not certainly have the option keeps mud!



 IMG_7096.JPG  IMG_7097.JPG  IMG_7099.JPG  IMG_7101.JPG

After 800m of false rising dish, in the medium, environment is worthy of a film of Indiana Jones, we are in the fog and one sees neither the entry, nor the exit!
The temperature strongly fell.

 DSCN5119.JPG  IMG_7102.JPG  IMG_7104.JPG  IMG_7105.JPG  IMG_7106.JPG

Finally the end of the tunnel appears.


But also, 2nd surprised traverses: the old way of railroad is cut by the way of the TGV, which is located several ten meters at the top.

A tarred way of skirting is envisaged.
Caution: from this place, a perfect control of braking is essential. Slope has 15 pourcents!


That does not have anything any more has to see with a railway. It is a road of high mountain!

Attention with the many fine gravels and has the misleading slope, it is not broad.



After the neck of the bridge, the slope increases. It is to better go to make a turning on the carpark to cut speed. 5123


because after this inclined straight line, it is double turn and the slope is even stronger! Guaranteed feelings!

The track being wet, we have being really very careful in the descents.

 IMG_7112.JPG  IMG_7113.JPG  IMG_7114.JPG  IMG_7115.JPG  IMG_7117.JPG

Attention through road to find (finally) the old railway. Ground slipping, stop before the very difficult road. Little visibility.

 IMG_7118.JPG For once that one sees a panel indicating recommended for the rollers!

18H30, Arrivée has Cluny.


From Cluny Charnay the mason ( return of the following day) has

The return is enough testing to the tunnel. And then to be made double by TGV, that gives the impression not to advance!

To start, some small rather narrow descents, therefore difficult to slow down. And yet it is necessary to slow down very strong if one wants to remain alive.

 IMG_7187..JPG Here a few meters of barrier will help you has entammer the descent.

But attention with the increase. It is necessary to go up on the level of the TGV which passes obviously in top of the valley.



All in bottom, you can see (with good eyes) the turn which one must take to continue. But before Ca, a small descent. Here one can see a panel danger! This one indicates a danger to the bicycles and a slope of 15% Cependant the panel is in bottom of a first descent which is already not easy. You even see.

 IMG_7188..JPG  IMG_7189..JPG

Essential braking before the hairpin followed by 2 turns has 90 degrés.La slope was already beautiful, but after it is even stronger.
And it finishes by a bridge between 2 turns has 90 degrees.

Ouf the tunnel is.

 IMG_7194..JPG  DSCN5177.JPG  DSCN5178.JPG  DSCN5179.JPG  DSCN5180.JPG

After the tunnel, it is a true happiness. We arrive quickly has Macon.

 IMG_7212..JPG That false dish in descent.

 IMG_7207.JPG And to crown the whole, of beautiful castles.

Conclusion of the Mason-Cluny way:
This way requires a good physical form. It does not have anything has to see with the Cluny-Givry part. Some councils according to the level:
- Beginners: to abstain from.
- mean Level: expose for the passage of the bridge of the TGV!
- Experts: attention with the very strong slopes associesé with the turns has 90 degrees without visibility. If not it is the dive in the greenery...
Setting has share these warnings, I advise this way full with adventures and feelings between Cluny and station Mason-Loach-TGV.




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