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(councils with the heads on behalf of their subalternes&.)

1. Never give me work the morning, wait 16 hours and bring it to me only to this moment. The pressure dune tight expiry is refreshing for me.

2. If work to be made is urgent, run in my office every ten minutes for minterrompre and to require of me how that advances. This maide much. Or better still, remain upright behind me to look at what I do and do not nhésitez to give councils on the way of proceeding.

3. When you leave, navisez anybody and never say where you go, this to me gives me the chance dêtre creative lorsquon asks me where you are.

4. If jai the hands full of papers, with boxes or supplies, will not mouvrez the door. I must learn how to function without the hands if I would become paraplegic.

5. If you give me several things to be made, you do not navez need to say to me which has priority. I make telepathy!

6. Do your better so that I would be obligé(e) to work the evening late. Jadore my office and I nai really nothing dautre to be made and nowhere elsewhere where to go. I nai nothing nor nobody in my life apart from my work.

7. If I do good work and that you are satisfied, especially keep that secret. If that were known, I could have a promotion... I could not support to work for quelquun dautre only you.

8. If I make an error or something which you do not naimez, say it to everyone. Jaime being the subject for conversation. The fact of making me speak about my error to everyone maide with maméliorer.

9. If a work requires particular instructions, do not write them to me. In fact, await jusquà the very last minute for me to give them. One would especially not need memmêler or to delay me with useful information.

10. Do not present to me with people who are with you. I nai no right to know anything. Later, when you speak to me deux, I will know immediately who you will speak thanks to my incredible capacity about deduction.

11. In the hierarchy of lentreprise, regard me as the basic orderly.

12. Be nice with me only when the work which I make could really change your professional life and to send to you in hell in the event of pips.

13. Tell me all your small problems. Nobody dautre nen has, cest pleasant to see quelquun which has less of chance than me. Jaime particularly when you complain about pay too dimpôts because of your raised wages, when you speak to me about your dilemmas of placements for your last no-claims bonus, or when you complain to davoir have three days of rain at the time of your last month about holidays in the South.

14. Await my annual evaluation to say to me what my objectives should have been  better perhaps, wait to davoir something to reproach me to do it. Give me a poor note for my performance and increase my wages slightly, hardly to cover laugmentation of the cost of living. I am not here for largent, of all façon&

15. Hide to me significant information. I do not have any ambition and by no means want to progress and to help you.

16. Never listen to my opinion or my ideas. You are right always and I could make you deviate your way. Better, use my ideas while making believe that they come from you.

17. Always think like the business leader. That forges the team spirit and all your colleagues appreciate enormously. There is not that the merit which counts for you.

18. You point out that your collaborators hate to change trade or of function. They prefer to always make the same thing and their motivation increases days in days.



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