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Brittany - Carantec, Le diben, Morlaix, Finistere
one of the most beautiful island of france : corsica
Cuba - Brisas del caribe - Varadero
Most beautiful islands of the Pacific Rangiroa, Tahiti, Aratika
Greece - Kalogria club
Crete Island, Greece and its beautiful beaches
Malta, Gozo, Azur Window
Thailand and the Andaman Sea
Tunisia - Djerba
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Quad & rollers
The essential ones of the voyage
Apnea - snorkeling
most beautiful beaches of the world
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NOTEBOOKS OF VOYAGES of frederic thepaut



Some photographs of the Western point of France. A splendid landscape envied of all. One of the some beaches of Carantec . But attention, even if I show only very little sand in these photographs, it is not because there is not! You will also notice the splendid sky... And here the beach of Dossen . Always same sky, but this time with a white sand beach. The paradise of the speed sails and tanks with veil... We will also make a small visit of the Town of Morlaix and its splendid viaduct, bay of Morlaix with splendid photographs. And to finish, we will go has Santec and on the island of Sieck . Some photographs of the small port of Diben in Plougasnou were added. You will be able to notice the perfect blue sky there.

We will also make a small turning by Erdre (section between the island versaille and the bridge cambronne) and the Versaille island . While waiting for some photographs of the centre town of Nantes.



When one discusses with a Cuban, the premiere thing which out of spring is its generosity. That really shown sorrow the difference in standard of living between them and us.

The country solidified in the years 1950. In the back country, there are only very few things to visit. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to make a balade conveys some to see how the Cubans live. Attention with the lack of panels of circulation. That will make you make much more kilometers than envisaged, but that is worth the turning of it. And the Cubans will be always to show the way to you, even if they do not understand our language.

Which agency to go there?
And well, the least expensive. Once on the spot, all is accessible from the hotel.
In our case, we passed by the agency Nouvelle Border of Bastille which was perfect, even more. On the other hand, one cannot say of it as much of their correspondent Mr. Corveas Antero to Varadero. If you do not make effort to see it, believe me, it will not make any either.

Best the period is between May and September. June is particularly pleasant because it is the low season and the hotels are all the more comfortable.

I advise you highly the hotel Brisas Del Caribe with Varadero for the quality of the hotel and his personnel.

This hotel, Brisas Del Caribe, is has my opinion one of best which is in Varadero. Varadero being the corner with tourists of Cuba. Moreover, it is has my opinion an excellent starting point to begin visits of the country. On the other hand, you will have imperatively to rent a car to visit Havana or cross the country to go for example to the park to crocodiles. The negative point being nevertheless the distance with the south of the island. it will thus be necessary to take the plane to visit, amongst other things, Santiago of Cuba.
(Hotel Brisas Del Caribe with all its swimming pools, its bars, its retaurants, its environment innoubliable and its gardens magnifiquement maintained.)

French Polynesia - Tahiti - islands under the wind - Tuamotu - Marchionesses - Gambiers

Your voyage : it will be carried out in the Boeing 747, Airbus A340 or DC10. The flight of Paris with PAPEETE (Tahiti) lasts 20 hours.
With stopover in a foreign country of or utility of the passport.

Formalities :
organizes: valid passport,
health: no vaccination is required.

The language : two official languages: French and the tahitien (especially spoken in the îiles). Spanish in the island of Barrel.

The monaie : the legal tender is the peaceful franc (CFP).
Rate of exchange: 119,33 CFP = 1 Euro. The principal credit cards are accepted.
Tip: it is against the rules and for the use of Polynesian hospitality.

The time décallage : the Polynesia time east GMT-10.
the winter, when it is midday in Paris, it is one hour with PAPEETE.
The summer, when it is midday in Paris, it is midnight with PAPEETE.

Climate : refreshed by the trade winds of the Pacific, the climate of the islands is sunny and pleasant. One can distinguish two seasons:
from December to February, it makes a wet heat (27-35°C),
from March to November, drier climate and more expenses (21-27°C).
The risks of rain are during the hot season (a few days of possible rain in March and April in Leeward Islands)

The vestimentary Councils : in all Polynesia, to feel at ease is the only rule as regards clothing.
One can with length year wear clothing of cotton or fabrics light.
For the freshest evenings, it is advised to provide itself with a woollen article. To envisage impermeable nylon, useful in the event of downpour, of the plastic sandals for the bathe.

Also envisage a pair of palm, a mask and a tuba if your hotel in provided to you not. If you do not know the diving in apnea, it is the moment to test. The temperature and the clearness of water will unwedge most recalcitrant. If you are a little afraid of water, to test the small following trick .

Kitchen : the fish is well with the honor: tuna, bonito. Do not hesitate to test lobsters or the roasted lobsters... the exotic fruits are tasty. If you are likely to fall into a good pension (kind of house of host or hotels at the inhabitant) with meals included, you will then be entitled to the local nouriture which is a sheer delight. Poisson with each meal, vintage, cooked, with all sauces. A true treat especially not to be eaten with moderation.

Hotels in Polynesia

The traditional standards of hotel trade of course are respected. But in Polynesia, each hotel has its clean personnalitéet its charm typical.
I will classify in 2 categories the hotels:
- Hotel in Polynesian matter: your vision of Polynesia, natural size. Structure indignene, "faré" individual (bungalow built starting from local natural materials), gilded beaches and blue lagoons in a dazzling ECRIN of tropical plants. In short, luxury and beauty.
- House of hosts or boarding house: small hotel units in family matter. You will be received with the enthusiasm of friendly truths.

Tahiti and its islands. Sun, sea and enchantements

To evoke Polynesia , it would be necessary more than of simple words.
Nothing will be able to express the nuance of the sky fleeing on the islands, no one will not be able to return these landscapes to you, these colors... this environment so close to the paradise (it one is converted which speaks to you).
It is necessary to go there to believe finally in the dream, to live per hour of the sun, the rate/rhythm of the lagoons, softness, the music. Tahiti , Moorea , Rangiroa (also named A twist Ranguiroa , Kauehi , Huahine , Tahaa, as many islands, as many wonders, as many unforgettable memories I invite you to live.



Some beaches sublimes, azure window or the popey' S village. Well on, you will find photographs on the islands of Malta , Gozo and Comino with its small turquoise blue lagoon to visit absolutely


Aphrodisia , Ephes ...


Kalogria club for Greece and particularly the area of the péloponèse.

And a full rotation of the beaches, small and large wearing of crete while passing by Heraklio, Kasteli, Kissamos, bay of Balos, Falassarma, Island of elafonissi , the hotel Sunny Bay in Kissamos-kasteli...


The most beautiful monuments ( town hall , the museum of the Louvre , the Fields Elysées , the Eiffel tower , Our-Lady , Montmartre ...) of this splendid city which is Paris. You will verez its monuments of day like night. The night, it would be particularly impressive, after having been avoided of its coat of light.


Small voyage through this splendid country while passing by Sofia , Veliko Ternovo (veliko tarnovo) , Varna , Obzor , Nessabar and Sozopol.


travel of Louxor has Hourgada , passing by Edfou , Kom Ombo and Abou Simbel .
The valley of the kings... and full with other sites of the center is of Egypt. The voyage is done on board a boat on the basis of Louxor to finish in Hourgada while passing by Abou Simbel.

And the same voyage seen under another angle, that of future an architect who made: De Louxor With Abou Simbel: cruising 5 * on the Nile
on board Boat "the Nile Style"

Dominican Republic

Travel to Saint Domingue (santo domingo) , after an enormous pause with the hotel Dominican Bay 3 *** of Boca Chica . You will also discover his beach there private (opposite the dominican bay and surrounded by its small low wall) , of many photographs of the beach of 400 meters Boca Chica . Then we will make the excursion in the island saona while passing by the Altos village of Chavon


At sea of Andaman, on the basis of Phuket ( Chalong Bay ) and while passing by Koh Side Yi in bay of Phan Nga , Koh Phi Phi Gift and Leh the paradises for routards and tourists, the splendid beach of Ao Nang , sublimate it site of diving Koh Rok and to finish Koh Racha .

You will be able to also discover bay of Chalong, starting point of cruising at sea of Andaman by the UCPA , bay of Phan Nga with its splendid rock pitons, its sun couchers and its colors , a really sympathetic excursion around the village of Koh Pan Yi while passing in the caves and one of largest the mangrove of the world .

Various - 24 Hours roller on the circuit of the mans - My motor bikes

To finish, a small turn on the gold book, or I collect the comments which the visitors want to send to me well .


Excellent councils to take photographs in the desert ( site ), also valid when you wish to take photographs in the tropics.

A little tourism , while waiting for the photographs.

Some small councils to remain or become a good owner


Most beautiful beaches of the world

Here a small summary of the most beautiful beaches of the world. I put obviously only the beaches there that I saw visu and that I can advise you.

One starts with the beaches of Polynesia. Thanks to the immense size and the geography of this territory, one finds many beaches splendid.

All Leeward Islands (moorea, will bora-bora, huahine, tetiaroa, the island with the birds (island of Marlon Brando) which allows a one day excusrsion of PAPEETE, Maupiti...) have splendid beaches. White sand (of corals), blue-green water with some coral potatos there or it is necessary to put a little contrast, of the coconuts...

Ensuite les tuamotus
et les iles Gambier (même si ce n'est vraiment pas un endroit pour se dorer la pillule au soleil (l'endroit n'est absolument pas touristique), les plages y sont magnifiques)

Cuba et particulièrement les plages de Varadero

Ici, plage de 15 km de sable fin et blanc. A la différence de la polynésie, peu de poissons à proximiter du rivage. Le fond est parfaitement plat et sans cailloux.
Plage de Varadero
encore Varadero, ici la plage en face l'hotel Brisas Del Caribe


Crête avec :
Baie de Balos et son 'lagon' sublime
Plage de Marathi
Baie de Matala

Thailande avec
Ile do Koh Rok - Cette île protégée par les rangers, proposent une petite plage et une beaucoup plus grande en face. Un vrai bonheur de repos. Les fonds marins sont remplis de coraux et nous permettent de voir beaucoup de poissons.
Ao Nang - près de Krabi : une plage magnifique remplie de touriste 'aux heures ouvrées'. Ils arrivent par bateau pour quelques heures. Il y a normalement une petite mer intérieur juste derrière mais je ne l'ai pas vu.
loh Dalam bay sur l'île de Koh Phi Phi Don - une plage pour touriste très belle.
Baie nord de Koh Racha - un havre de paix, sable blanc, palmiers, quelques bars tranquilles à la mode 68tards.

République Dominicaine avec Iile de Saona, Ile de Saona encore - tous les côtés sont beaux




Vous vous demandez bien à quelle période de l'année partir en France ou à l'étranger. Voici donc



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