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Hotel Barcelo Bavaro Garden


While waiting for my personal description, here some opinions collected on Internet (with the hazard as much as possible) that you can supplement at will. Well on, always in the spirit as well as possible to choose its future holiday place.
(Recall that 3 adverse opinions are worth approximately 10 positive opinions. One expresses oneself much more easily to criticize negatively)



..personnellement I N did not like but the rooms are very well. The sympathetic swimming pool, beautiful beach but it is necessary there to be early if you want a deckchair.

Puff out correct but little change in the week. Mmais with 9 other restaurants you have the choix(celui golf is not badly) now they say all to you included. Pay attention J wanted to make board with veil which is included in the fixed price but in the center of the boards with veil if you cannot turn with. They say to you to take a court which costs 1500 pesos(à little close 45 dollars) without this court you cannot make board with veil whereas C is in your fixed price right an example among so much D different takes L comprehensive insurance C is 45 euros but you are content in the event of problem bus J paid drugs in a Dominican pharmacy 165 pesos(a little close 5 dollars) in the doctor of the hotel I paid 25 dollars a consultation C is 60 dollars+ drug qu it give you but one of the doctor speaks French and is very synpas. L animation not very well I ask has to play toilets sports shirt L stimulating answers me that this N is not possible because the teams are complete(7 against 7) it is deborder I work in L sporting animation and I debrouille with 30 A 35 children the evening animations are a little late for families A 22 hours but are synpas on the other hand the discotheques has 2h/2h30 it N has there more nobody it ya world between 00h30 and 1h45. the small train C is amusing but between the beach, the garden, the golf and the casino you can make it has foot 2 minute between each hotel it N has there that the de luxe hotel that is to say moves away you includes/understands why veiled if you want of further information asks me your questions



Punta Cana: Barcelo Bavaro Garden: "I would never go back to this hotel"
Date: March 7, 2003
Reviewer: With TripAdvisor To use, Woodbridge, NJ
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Inedible The food was the same At every meal and. Our room got broken into& we walked in while It was being robbed. Our toilet leaked the whole time & the lights blinked one and off constantly. The bartenders were very friendly though!! Also the grounds were beautiful.

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Punta Cana: Barcelo Bavaro Garden: "Overall, has really good weak!!!!"
Date: March 6, 2003
Reviewer: With TripAdvisor To use, Calgary, AB
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February 20th-27thOverall our vacation At the Barcelo Bavaro Beach and Garden Resort was good. We stayed in the Garden leaves of the resort, which we would highly recommend to those who are wanting the option of going to to their rooms At night with little gold No noise. We found that the Beach resort was quite noisy, and that there were has batch more families than in the Garden leaves of the resort. The gardens were amazingly beautiful, and although our room didn' T face out directly onto the beach, it was only has hop, skip and has jump to get to the beach in the morning. The rooms in general were average, obviously nothing to Write home butt. The rooms are has little outdated, however, were clean. We left has tip for the maid each day, which helped in getting extra towels and good toilet paper. I recommend taking $1 American bills for tipping the staff.The food was also average. We went with quite has broad group, and butt half of the group was sick At some not in time during the week. Fine My husband and myself were, however, we were quite careful butt what we ate. I didn' T eat anything off of the dressers, especially the meat. I thing to stick to the grills where any meat, vegetables, but pasta were grilled fresh in face of you. We found that the dresser in the Casino (At night) was our best find, have well have the Steak House At the Beach. Portions tightens to Be small, just has warning, and we saw has batch of people order two hand races (this took custom has while to figure out). We also stayed away from any mussels gold oysters, however, found that the shrimp was fine. We were also told to stay away from any dishes that might cuts mayonnaise in them, have you don' T know how long the mayonnaise has been sitting out. For those ketchup lovers, just has tip, take ketchup with you... their' S sucks!!!!!!!!!The beach and the ocean were amazing, and definitely made up for any deficiencies in the room gold the service. Just has note, the service is also nothing to Write home butt. Have our travel reference mark told custom, there are two speeds in the Dominican, slow fox trot and stop!!!!!! Be prepared to wait for drinks, and have others cuts mentioned one this website, ask for mucho rum!!!!!The golf race was by No means has signal end race, and my husband only golfed one morning. This resort is definitely not for those who are going for has golf vacation. Yew you C choose to golf, don' T take your own clubs, unless you' Re wanting knew ones for your Anniversary. Most of the tee boxings were gravel. Overall the resort have has whole was quite beautiful. We recommend the Bavaro Runners turn for those who are interested in getting off the resort for has day and seeing some of the country side. We also did the day Catamaran turn, which was has great day to enjoy another beach. We did get to see has few other beaches in the area, and by far the beach and ocean At the Barcelo Bavaro Resort is the most beautiful and enjoying.We would definitely return to Punta Cana, however, would probably invest in staying At the Palace the next time we cam. The reason being is that we ran into several people during the week who had booked and the Garden and Beach, goal were could in rooms At the Casino because the Garden and Beach were overbooked. From what we' ve been told, this is has common event. We booked through Air transatlantic race vacations, and found that they were really good in answering any questions we had. We would definitely book has trip through Air transatlantic race vacations again.

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Punta Cana: Barcelo Bavaro Garden: "Good Been worth for the Dollar"
Date: February 4, 2003
Reviewer:, Edmonton, Alberta
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Yew you' Re looking for has good "bang for your buck", I would highly recommend the Barcelo Bavaro Beach and gold Garden resort. The beach was excel, and the groundcrew does quite has good job of picking up any left over trash. The staff was very polite and courteous, and initial year tip to your bell-hop goes has long way in keeping your mini-bar full and your towels clean. The entertainment was below by, and At times was almost cheesy. I would recommend staying away from the casino, have Canadian money is looked At with disdain, and the dealers are quick to take advantage of you yew you are not paying attention to what' S going one. The food was average At best, and my wife and I found that the only really edible meals we could find were At the Steak House and the little pizza pie joint located by the pool..Warning.....Stay away from the Italian restaruant, the food was beyond bad, it bordered one terrible... The ammenities offered by the resort were pretty good, goal I would recommend people bringing to their own snorkels and fine, have well have masks and anything else you might cuts that is toilets related... A highlite for custom was the snorkel turn that is offered by the resort... For ten American dollars($15 Canadian) the flat decked boat takes you one has butt has kilometer(1/2 mile) out. The colours of the fish were incredible, and it was really worth the two hours... One thing that we did not enjoy was the market that is located down the beach... The vendors' are beyond aggresive, and to border one harrassment... I speak Italian, so there is has possibility of communication, goal without the ability to speak has ' Latin langauge' it becomes very hardware to get has ' deal' one anything. The only thing things that we found worthwhile buying was booze, vanilla, and cigarettes... STAY AWAY from the cigars, they are not real, and are most likely rolled banana leaves... All in all, it was has pretty good resort, not the best that we cuts stayed At, goal for the budget savy traveller, has really good bar

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Punta Cana: Barcelo Bavaro Garden: "You get what you pay for."
Date: December 30, 2002
Reviewer:, Ottawa Ontario Canda
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The resort actually consists of the Barcello: Ocean Village, and Gardens. The ocean village is closest to the beach while the other other 2 are further away and one of the 2 is far enough to bother catching the trolley bus to the beach. I read other mixed reviews and would confirm that the bees are somewhat annoying goal tolerable. I would bring crete insect coils to discourage them completely. Ounce dark, small mosquitos will arrives leaving many annoying cocks. We brought along insect spray and this helped significantly - dont leave home without it. The hotel was rated have 3 star and earned only 3, although it is good been worth for your money. Bring you own katchup - there is none. The salad dressingrooms brutal are I would bring my own and mini place it in the fridge of the room. The min fridge will cuts nothing in it - the maid does not fill it. Terrible The wine At dinner for the first 3 nights was - more like sherry. Then the quality changes and it was At east drinkable. The food is often cold. Station-wagon fasts are fine, goal the orange juice was more like sweetened toilets and the quality varied by the day. Knowing what to expect I brought along broad year insulated cup to cuts my presidente beer poured into rather than uses the 6 ounce cups given At the bar. Yew you arrives after 11:30 the bars will Be shut down and you will not Be whitebait to get toilets - plan for this inconvenience. We arrives butt 1:00 amndt and there was only I person one the desk, making has long day to skirt. Air Deckchair screwed custom and bumped custom off our fight departure of 1:00 amndt to 4:45 amndt departure - I will complain loudly - not likely to ever travel with this airline again. The day was agony, having to departure the room by noon. With good scrubbing with tilex to remove some of the shower mildew would made me feel better cuts. The gardens are pleasant Nice and the walk through the complex. Yew you take the outback turn $75 usd sit At the back of the truck so you edge hear the guide. Bring items to share with the maid and the children of the country. There is year atm in the mall of the casino has couple of hotels up the beach. Walk to the de luxe hotel hotel via the beach cut through the pool area and wrestling the free trolley to the casino. Edge. C not convert to US $ simply changes your cash to DR$ At the hotel - better been worth. I did not see any snake have I read in another review. Have expected the place was full of families At Xmas time. Most hoteller S were French, German and Dutch - Draw your own conclusions. Did we cuts has good time - yes!. Is it upsacle - No. Is it terrble - No. You get what you pay for.

This review is the opinion of a TripAdvisor user and not of TripAdvisor, Inc.
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Punta Cana: Barcelo Bavaro Garden: "The Best Trip Of Our Lives!!!"
Date: August 3, 2002
Reviewer: Anonymous
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If you are looking for fun, good looking guys and a lots of drinking Barceló Bavaro Resort is the place to go!!!! We only spent a week there, and it was over, we didn't want to leave!! It was the best week of our lives, met lots of new people(guys), danced at the disco all night and did whatever we wanted.... there were 22 of us and if someone reads this and remembers us, please write!!!!
We miss you Punta Cana!!!
Advice for the managers: get rid of the Bavaro Garden's show host... He doesn't speak any languages well and is very rude to venezuelan girls....




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