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You are here : Home > Pictures and tips for a good travel > Dominican Republic > Occidental Allegro

Western hotel Allegro (punta Cana)

While waiting for my personal description, here some opinions collected on Internet (with the hazard as much as possible) that you can supplement at will. Well on, always in the spirit as well as possible to choose its future holiday place.
(Recall that 3 adverse opinions are worth approximately 10 positive opinions. One expresses oneself much more easily to criticize negatively)


I remained with this hotel last December and one adored.
The hotel Occidental Flamenco of Punta Cana is very very well. We were not disappointed. It is very clean, the rooms are large, beautiful vegetation outside, the beach is clean, they maintain it tous.les.jours and the sea is splendid, one of most beautiful than I saw until now. The rooms are located on 3 stages, I advise you to write an e-mail to require one 2nd or 3rd stage to avoid the small insects bus on the first stage, you will have almost the garden on your balcony... If you want a sight on the sea, also indicate it and ask for masonry 26 or 13, are those located on the beach. The address of reservation is: You write in Spanish or English. Over there they include/understand well françcais it but only some employees but you will not have a difficulty of rendering comprehensible to you. To keep a copy of your e-mail as well as answer and on the spot bring them with you. Also if you choose masonry 13 or 26 you are directly on the beach and thus far from the room of spectacle. We understood ourselves anything the whole, it was not noisy. Here a bond with the plan of the hotel for you help with well choosing the masonry:ÍLyDmM

To visit the hotel in advance, very beautiful site:

For the insects, there are no mosquitos (in any case in December) but nevertheless bring oil to mosquito to the case or bus it is expensive.... For the coquerelles ones, I did not see any in the hotel but 2 couples which we met of saw each one one in their room (on the first floor...) Then it is for that that I advise you a second or third stage. Once by 2 week, the hotel treats with the insect repellant all the rooms then it is very clean! Me also I have a blue fear of the bibittes and I slept well on my 2 ears.

So that your stay is pleasant, I advise you to leave a tip to the chambermaid, that is to say approximately 1$US per day and/or of small gifts not expensive (lipstick, scented soap, make-up, etc.) because are objects which coutent expensive over there for them... Like that, all the small requests which you will make will be exaucées (additional pillow, drinks, etc.) and your refrigerator will be filled tous.les.jours.

For the excursions, we made Saona and were very disappointed. That coutait 75$US/pers... One makes 2h30 bus to arrive at Bayahibe, one leaves by Catamaran for 1h30 (it is what was most interesting...) then one arrives at be-saying Saona a deserted island... There is full with merchants in small houses, the beach is horrible (large stones and almost have of sand) and a désafecté port... One remains 3 hrs with a hot dresser included/understood which was well. Then one leaves in boat towards a natural swimming pool, i.e. with approximately 50 feet of the edge of water and you have water to the shoulders. Then one still returns in Bayahibe then 2h30 of bus... I aursis paid not more 20$US/pers.... I do not recommend it at all. One made the aquatic turn, 52$US/per. That was worth the sorrow. One leads ourself a small boat 30 min. to gone and 30 min to the return. One goes on a platform for diving in apnea. It was fantastic, the small fish came to us! But if you want only to make diving in apnea, for nothing the whole you remain on the beach of the hotel, you borrow the tuba and the mask (free) as well as a kayak (free) from the hotel then you make approximately 10 minutes in the kayak and you are in corals in the medium of fish, it is not very far. And that coute nothing!!! One sees even the corals on the edge of the beach! And for the turns paying, one bought directly with the hotel but according to other people's that almost returns to 50% less expensive to buy outside the hotel...

As regards sea water, it is very hot, one enters there very easily. If I compare it with my swimming pool, I would say that it would be with 80 Farenheit degrees. It is true that there is a little algae but hardly and they collects the evening on the edge of water. They are then collected tous.les.jours by employees what keeps the very clean beach. In water, there is little place or it there of A. But most spectacular it is the color of water, you me will give again news of them... A beautiful turquoise blue-worm with corals............

As regards the material provided free by the hotel: tuba, palms, mask, board with veil, kayak, catamaran 2 places (they give you small a 15 minutes course front), beach towel at will (you make exchanges, old against characteristic), chairs of beach. What is not provided is the balloons or toys for the children. It is for that which I advise you to bring bus if you decide to buy them on the spot, it is extremely expensive.... All the free material is dirctement on the beach of the hotel, you do not have to walk much and it is the same thing for the beach towels. The whole is in a small kiosk all on the right on the beach.

Food with the dresser is very good but it does not vary much. This is why I advise you to go in the restaurants a little everywhere to the hotel. There is a pizzeria on wood fire which is worth of it really the sorrow (located in top of the staircases in top of the dresser). The Mexican is super, the fajitas are will extras!. Italian is rather average. The restaurant in top of the bar of the swimming pool is very well for midday like that of the beach. It is thus necessary to change place to vary the menu a little! But you will surely return with some books in more....

Memories, you will buy outside the hotel. Do not buy anything with the store hotel!!! They extort you your money!!! You walk 5 minutes and you arrived. There is of all. It there has a small center of purchase on your line, banks, pharmacy, etc... Then there is also a small coffee Internet for approximately 2$US/5minutes approximately...

For the hiring of cars, I do not know but surely. If they do not offer it to the hotel, surely that while leaving the hotel or the center purchase (to 5 min. of walk) they surely have some.

There is full with activities for the children. One did not have any but it was seen that there was the funclub which occupies your children of the morning at the evening. The Hotel is a family place.

For the vestimentary behaviour, it varies restaurant in restaurant. For the restaurant of the beach and that in top of the bar of the swimming pool, you can go there even in bathing suit!!! Opened midday only. For the principal dresser (morning, midday and evening) you must be equipped (not with bathing suits) but shorts or trousers or jube or nightshirt, it do not matter it is accepted. For the pizzeria you equipped as you want because it is outside. For the 3 restaurants the 2nd chart, ladies out of skirt, dress (small summer dress can be enough) or trousers and for the men, obligatory trousers. Then you can bring yourselves 1 or 2 sets, the remainder it is vëtement of very light summer.

We passed a splendid stay and let us go back any time there we!!!

If you have other questions do not hesitate!!!



I sejourné in this hotel... very good stay.
Comparable with Large Paradise or I was this year (calmer sea on the other hand in Allegro)








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